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Were a new SEO business that uses old fashioned principles and procedures.

My background was in Industrial Machinery, I worked for 15 years at a large agrochemical company installing and maintaining food processing equipment and another 4 years at a national animal feed production company as maintenance supervisor until a devastating fire and the dismal economic situation closed the plant.

That's when I decided to start my own business at something else I have good experience doing, Web Site and Search Engine Optimization. I've helped a close family member bring their business from just selling locally to national sales, and their web site from obscurity to having 3 #1 listings, 26 listings in the first 5 positions and 35 listings in the first 10 positions on Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL. This has resulted in their search traffic going from basically nothing to over 2000 targeted visitors a month.

So, what do machinery maintenance and search engine optimization have in common? More that what you might think. To have a successful maintenance program you need diligence, perseverance and a lot of ingenuity. These same qualities are needed to have a successful SEO campaign. I believe I have these qualities.

A piece of machinery that has received the proper maintenance, i.e., regular lubrication, monthly inspections and periodic adjustments will give many years of good service. The same can be said about web sites, the site that gets the proper maintenance and modifications will see their rankings improve. Likewise, the web site that gets no attention is not going to get any improvements in search engine traffic.


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